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Happy Show Day! Where will you be tonight?
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Interested in joining a Drum Corps?
If you’re thinking about joining a drum corps, get your start by checking out Drum Corps International’s official audition resource site to find a list of audition dates and locations for World and Open Class corps, tryout tips and much more.
Happy Show Day! Today we have performances at CNS and Orchard Park, and tomorrow at Sachem. Where will you be?
Happy show day! Today we have performances at Auburn, Lancaster, Walt Whitman and West Genesee. Where will you be heading?
Pretty neat viewpoint!
Bluecoats final 2014 runthrough from the viewpoint of center quad Reuel Camacho
Band kids are pretty great. Love this story!
When the Make-A-Wish Foundation approached 17-year-old Stephen Dominguez several months ago, rather than request a vacation to an exotic locale or to meet a celebrity, he selflessly asked for the organization to help provide new equipment for his high school drum line.
SS3 1. Division Avenue  66.85 2. Midland Park  65.10 3. Garden City  64.80 4. Floral Park  63.15 LS3 1. Huntington  77.05 2. Sachem  74.15 3. Rome Free Academy  71.95 4. Walt Whitman  71.10...
SS3 1. Union Endicott  69.00 2. Bath Haverling  67.70 3. Vestal  67.15 4. Hornell  61.45 LS3 1. Horseheads  76.85 SS2 1. LeRoy  72.90 2. Johnson City  72.25 3. Norwich  64.50 LS2 1. Le 2....
SS2 1. Jordan Elbridge  68.15 LS2 1. Central Square  70.80 SS1 1. New Hartford  79.10 2. ESM  78.40 3. East Irondequoit  76.95 4. Mohonasen  73.70 5. Oswego  Exh National 1. West Genesee ...
SS3 1. Marcus Whitman  65.00 2. Falconer  61.80 3. Pioneer  61.60 LS3 1. Hilton  75.80 2. Greece  73.35 SS1 1. Medina  81.35 2. Northwestern  76.55 National 1. Lancaster  83.55 2. Orchard...
SS3 1. Bath Haverling 65.05 2. Vestal 64.95 3. Marcus Whitman 59.95 LS3 1. Hilton 67.95 2. Auburn 61.85 SS2 1. Johnson City 68.60 2. Jordan Elbridge 67.95 LS2 1. Corning 66.50 National 1. West...
LS3 1. Rome Free Academy 67.90 SS2 1. Phoenix 71.35 2. Westmoreland 67.50 2. Norwich 61.55 LS2 1. Webster 77.45 2. CNS 75.30 3. Central Square 72.35 SS1 1. New Hartford 81.00 2. ESM 76.20 3. Oswego...
SS3 1. Falconer 65.95 2. Hornell 64.40 3. Pioneer 61.40 4. Eisenhower (PA) 60.85 5. Wellsville 55.60 LS3 1. West Seneca 72.85 LS2 1. Jamestown 79.00 SS1 1. Northwestern 72.65 National 1. Orchard Park...
It's a show day! Where will you be tonight?
LS3 1. Hilton 64.80 2. Greece 63.825 3. West Seneca 63.30 SS2 1. LeRoy 69.90 LS2 1. Webster 75.30 SS1 1. East Irondequoit 76.30 2. Medina 75.50 National 1. Lancaster 76.95 2. Victor 79.60
LS3 1. Horseheads 69.50 2. Rome Free Academy 66.50 3. Auburn 60.20 SS2 1. Westmoreland 66.10 2. Jordan Elbridge 63.20 LS2 1. CNS 71.55 National 1. Baldwinsville 77.45
SS2 1. Phoenix 68.50 LS3 1. Central Square 67.65 SS1 1. New Hartford 77.05 2. ESM 73.55 National 1. West Genesee 81.95 2. Liverpool 75.55
It's a show day! The 2014 season has begun! Good luck to everyone performing! Where will you be this evening?
Just a few weeks until the competition begins!  Hopefully you're just as excited as we are about the 2014 marching season!  We're working on updating all the band pages to reflect 2014 information,...
The Vestal Marching Band is being featured all season long by the Press & Sun Bulletin. Check it out! http://www.pressconnects.com/longform/news/education/2014/08/15/vestal-marching-band/14052645/
Follow the Vestal Marching Band from the first day of rookie camp to the state championship at Syracuse's Carrier Dome in its quest for greatness
Who is traveling to Indy for the Drum Corps International World Championships?
Ya ya, we've been in hiatus, it was a cold and long winter, we know.  But 2014 is here, summer is almost here, and BAND is just around the corner!  So to get you pumped...here's the early season...
We're in Indy for the Bands of America Grand Nationals Championship. Good luck to all bands competing tonight. (Avon Marching Band in pic).

This is your NYSFBC

Band directors and students rehearse, travel, and compete. Judges arrive from all over, to fill out score sheets and record comments and suggestions. Band parents and spectators cheer, wave banners, and support their children on and off the field. For all involved, this is your NYFBC:


Purpose & Philosophy
Bands from the NYSFBC have had a long tradition of excellence. Many groups from the conference have been recognized in regional and national competitions. Our mission and philosopy support such positive participation and experience.

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Since 1972
The New York State Field Band Conference was formed on February 6, 1972 in Sherburne, New York when interested directors were asked to remain after a meeting of the the Sherburne Pageant of Bands. Find out how the organization has helped marching bands compete and grow ever since.

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How are the bands judged? Where can I get tickets?
We've received these questions and many more over the years, so we've summarized the most common ones right here under our Frequently Asked Questions page. Be sure to check here before contacting us, as we may have already answered your question!

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